34th Annual Conference of the
Indian Society of Paediatric Neurosurgery
29th February to 2nd March 2024


  • The Poster Presentation should be prepared in portrait format.
  • We will have a Poster viewing session during the Coffee time when the judges will come around the posters and a particular day will be allotted to set up the poster.
  • The Poster needs to be presented in the given template only.
  • The Presenter are requested to bring their own poster printout and submit in the registration counter on the CME day.
  • In case you need help for printing please contact (+91)82598 99578
  • Account details are given below for payment for printing.
  • Each Presenter will have to summarize their presentation within 1 minutes during the allotted schedule.
  • Message: Have a single, clear message.
  • Illustrations/images/photographs used in the poster should be enlarged enough to show relevant details.
  • Presentation: Effectively use graphics, colour and layout to communicate your message.
  • Readability: A poster should be easily readable from 1-2 meters away distance.
  • Poster size: height: 121.92 cm x width: 85.346 cm (4×2.8 f.t)
  • Poster Making Tips – Content

The Poster should include the following information

  1. Title and Authors
  2. Introduction
  3. Methods
  4. Results
  5. Table or Images
  6. Conclusions
  7. Acknowledgement – People and Funding
  8. References
  • Know the Audience and shape your poster to address it.
  • Don’t use abbreviations or jargon.

Poster Making Tips – Format

  1. Use section headings to orient the viewer
  2. Consider searching online for a poster template
  3. Make sure the font size is large enough. Some guidelines
  4. Normal text should be no smaller than 20 pts
  5. Text in plots and figures should be at least 20 pts
  6. 1000 words is a good poster length
  7. Use serif fonts to text (e.g.. Times New Roman) and Sans-Serif fonts for Titles (e.g.. Helvetica) and headings.
  8. Use Italics instead of underlining.
  9. Keep graphs clean and simple.
  10. Use a dark colour for text and light colour for the background.

For reference you can click the button given below for Poster

Click the button below for downloading the Template for Poster